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Rare Real Estate: Jackson Hole is unlike any other area in the United States. It is part of the 18-million-acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, an area of stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife and diverse ecosystems. More than 97% of the 2.7 million acres of land in Teton County are protected from development as part of national forest, national parks, the National Elk Refuge or other public entities. Of the remaining 3% of developable land, many large corridors have been preserved with easements by the non-profit Jackson Hole Land Trust to guarantee their natural status throughout perpetuity.

Accessibility: Jackson, Wyoming is the gateway community to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Travel to and from Jackson is easy and efficient, with five major airlines providing daily direct flights to cities across the country. The Jackson Hole Airport is just 12 miles north of town, and it has a full-service FBO for private jets.

Tax Benefits: Wyoming residents are not subject to a state income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax, estate tax, inheritance tax or trust tax, and they benefit from some of the lowest excise, sales and property taxes in the United States. The Cowboy State also boasts a progressive version of the Uniform Trust Code, and the Rule Against Perpetuities extends to 1,000 years for trusts administered in Wyoming. Additionally, the State Banking Commission does not regulate a family trust company that is formed and managed in Wyoming, and asset protection trusts were recently legalized in the state for qualified assets.

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